Baked Feta Cheese

Feta Cheese,being Greek  you know I just love Feta, it’s a must on our table. My favorite feta is, Kefalonia it’s spicy and delicious !!!

You will need

A terra cotta pan ( tastes better) you can use any pan

1 pound of any feta cheese ( crumbled )

1 big tomato pureed in a blender

1 long green pepper

8 tablespoons of olive oil

salt, red hot pepper and oregano to taste

Bake for 1/2 hour at 350  or until feta has melted



Crumble your feta cheese in your pan, add your pureed tomato, your cut up

green pepper ( red will also do) add your oil, less than a pinch of salt, red pepper as much as you like and

finally, add your oregano and bake and serve. This is good to eat with Greek bread ( but any bread will do)

Baked feta cheese

Once again a recipe from my table to yours 🙂


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